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Mill City Farmers Market Blog

The Unofficial Blog of the Mill City Farmers Market.  Mill City Times is proud to be a Sponsor and Community Partner of The Market.  Read more here...

Celebrating their 12th Season!

Mill City Farmers Market 2017 Dates:

Every Saturday / May 6 - October 28

Mill City Farmers Market 2017 Hours:

8:00 AM to 1:00 PM (October Hours 9a-1p)

Mill City Farmers Market Location:

704 S. Second St. Minneapolis, MN


Felonious Bosch at Mill City Farmers Market

Felonious Bosch provided the music at the June 25 Mill City Farmers Market.   Good stuff!

June 25, 2011, Mill City Farmers Market


June 25 Trip to the Mill City Farmers Market

Mill City Farmers Market on June 25, 2011


Aunt Else's Æbleskiver at Mill City Farmers Market

Aunt Else's Æbleskiver is a popular treat at the Market.  These ladies have the art of turning out golf ball size pastries down to a science!


Tiny Planet Produce at Mill City Farmers Market

After traveling the country learning organic farming methods from veteran farmers, Andrea and Benjamin Hopper started Tiny Planet Produce in 2009.

The Hoppers stay busy at farmers markets, along with a growing C.S.A. (Community Supported Agriculture) and thriving greenhouse business.

Mill City Farmers Market on June 25, 2011 

Mill City Farmers Market on June 25, 2011



Save the Buckeye! at the Mill City Farmers Market


Phillips Prairie Organic Vodka at Mill City Farmers Market

Phillips Prairie Organic Vodka, a MCFM Sponsor, was on hand at the June 25 Market providing samples of a Kombucha cocktail - a concoction consisting of vodka, strawberries and Kombucha.


Gypsy Mania Trio at Mill City Farmers Market


Spring Finn & Co at Mill City Farmers Market

Talin Spring of Spring Finn & Co grew up with the smell of leather - her father and grandfather owned shoes and slipper stores in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul.   She says, "I love working with natural materials (leather, cotton canvas, metal) using traditional techniques with their timeless simplicity, recognizable by our grand parents."

Vist Talin at the Market, on the web, or reach her at 612-245-7861.

June 4, 2011, Mill City Farmers Market


June 4, 2011, Mill City Farmers Market


Canning Demo at Mill City Farmers Market


Jim Benson Wooden Cooking Utensils at Mill City Farmers Market

Jim Benson creates a variety of wooden cooking utensils, including spurtles, spatulas, spreaders, mixers, mashers, muddlers, forks, and spoons.  Most are made from cherry and maple, and are treated with mineral oil and beeswax.  Jim aims to make items that are as pleasant to look at as they are to use, and each piece is unique. 

If you miss Jim at the Market, you can reach him at or 763-780-5153.

June 18, 2011, Mill City Farmers Market

I hadn't heard of some of these items before.  For example, a spurtle is a Scottish kitchen utensil dating back hundreds of years.  It evolved over time from being flat for flipping oatcakes, to a more rounded stirring tool. 

June 18, 2011, Mill City Farmers Market

Many of the utensils have a curved handle, affording a comfortable grip and more natural movement.

June 18, 2011, Mill City Farmers Market


Tribal Delightful Concoctions at Mill City Farmers Market

All of Chris Chookiatsirichai's handmade creations are unique.  The backdrop of each piece has a detail on what you are collecting or gifting…passing on that knowledge of information or history is something the artist really enjoys sharing and finds important to inspire others to learn about the cultures that some of these pieces are created from.

Per Chris, "Each piece I create with thought and care using antique trade glass, shells, stone, components of old/antique jewelry, vintage buttons and various other bits of memory and organic matter...many of which are out of production; no two are alike. They are entities of individuality as is the wearer."

If you miss Chris at the Market, you can find her at Gallery 360,, or email her at

June 18, 2011, Mill City Farmers Market

June 18, 2011, Mill City Farmers Market

June 18, 2011, Mill City Farmers Market

June 18, 2011, Mill City Farmers Market


How We Fill Our Basket at the Mill City Farmers Market

It didn't occur to me until a month into the 2011 market season that I should be taking pictures of our weekly purchases at the market.  Below are pictures of how we filled our basket the first 3 Saturdays in June. 

Mill City Farmers Martket June 18 2011 DSC03456

June 11, 2011, Mill City Farmers Market

Market Basket from June 4, 2011 Mill City Farmers Market

Purchases from early trips this Spring included wheat berries, oatmeal, granola, skyr, miscellaneous cheeses, crostini, flax oil, a Christmas ornament and clothing items for our little grandsons. 

That's just the tip of the iceburg - every Satruday is a new adventure!  :) 


ArtAndes Weaver at Mill City Farmers Market

Watching Master Weaver Wilber Quispe is mesmerizing.  He will be weaving at ArtAndes Mill City Farmers Market space Saturdays through July.



Bluegrass Saturday Morning live at Mill City Farmers Market

Singing Hills Goat Dairy interview live at the Market on Bluegrass Saturday Morning, which airs Saturday mornings 7:00am to Noon on Jazz88 KBEM 88.5 FM.



Uptown Farmers at Mill City Farmers Market

Talk about local, Uptown Farmers grows all their organic vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs within 3 miles of the Mill City Farmers Market!

They also offer services, such as Garden Tilling/Construction/Design/Plants, Consulting, Speaking engagements, Teaching (in class or out of class, and on site classes).

June 11, 2011, Mill City Farmers Market

Local at Mill City Farmers Market

June 11, 2011 Mill City Farmers Market\

June 11, 2011 Mill City Farmers Market