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Mill City Farmers Market Blog

The Unofficial Blog of the Mill City Farmers Market.  Mill City Times is proud to be a Sponsor and Community Partner of The Market.  Read more here...

Celebrating their 12th Season!

Mill City Farmers Market 2017 Dates:

Every Saturday / May 6 - October 28

Mill City Farmers Market 2017 Hours:

8:00 AM to 1:00 PM (October Hours 9a-1p)

Mill City Farmers Market Location:

704 S. Second St. Minneapolis, MN


Shopping Basket from the May 6 Mill City Farmers Market

May 6 was opening day at the 2017 Mill City Farmers Market, and we greeted four of the new Vendors you'll be seeing during the 2017 season: Kappers' Big Red Barn (milk and cheese curds), Ommie Snacks (energy bars made with dried fruits and seeds), Calvit's Drinking Shrubs and You Betcha! Kimchi. You'll learn more about these Vendors in future Farmers Market posts.

Other first-time delights in the basket include cinnamon raisin bread from Heritage Bread and garlic sausage from Red Table Meat Co.

May 6, 2017 Mill City Farmers Market


Rhubarb Sticky Buns! 

We'll have rhubarb coming out our ears pretty soon. These Rhubarb Sticky Buns look like a tasty way to make use of it, and you'll find some fresh ingredients at the Mill City Farmers Market. See below recipe for vendor info. 


1⁄4 cup cold butter
1⁄2 cup packed brown sugar
1   cup chopped rhubarb - fresh, or thawed if frozen (Prairie Hollow Farm, Bean Market, and other vendors)

1⁄3 cup softened butter
1⁄2 cup sugar
1 large egg (Braucher's Sunshine Harvest Farm)
1 1⁄2 cups flour (Sunrise Flour Mill)
2 teaspoons baking powder
1⁄2 teaspoon salt
1⁄4 teaspoon fresh ground nutmeg
1⁄2 cup cream (Kappers' Big Red Barn)

- In a bowl, cut butter into brown sugar till crumbly. Stir in rhubarb. Spoon mixture evenly into 12 WELL GREASED muffin cups (don't use paper liners). Set aside.
- In a mixer bowl, cream butter and sugar. Beat in egg.
- Combine dry ingredients and add to creamed mixture alternately with cream.
- Spoon batter over rhubarb filling cups, about 3/4 full.
- Bake 350° for 15-20 minutes. Cool 5 minutes and invert onto serving tray. Serve warm.


Cynthia Froid Group Herb Giveaway at the May 6 Mill City Farmers Market

Thank you to Mill City Farmers Market Sponsor Cynthia Froid Group for holding a 2017 Season Opening Day Herb Giveaway! 


What's New at the 2017 Mill City Farmers Market - Opening Day is May 6

The 12th season of the Mill City Farmers Market kicks off Saturday, May 6. The Market features an assortment of over 120 farmers, food artisans, restaurants and small businesses, including new vendors for 2017.

Additionally, the Market is expanding its free weekly Mill City Cooks demo with a new partner, Lakewinds Food Co-op, who will be adding activities to occupy its youngest visitors. The 20-minute cooking demos take place in the sunny patio of the Market’s historic train shed. The Lakewinds-sponsored kids area will feature tables for coloring and other engaging activities, giving adults some free time to relax with a cup of coffee and learn tips and easy seasonal recipes from the Market’s professional chefs.

Below are some of the new vendors you'll see this season. I'll be doing separate profiles on them in the coming weeks/months as they appear at the Market.

Therese Moore of 3 Bear Oats serves a dish of porridge.3 Bear Oats - Steel cut oats with sweet and savory toppings sourced from MCFM vendors, with flavors ranging from the cheddar, bacon, and maple “Petite Canadienne” to the "Alpine Trek" with dark chocolate & banana chunks.

Honken Dahlias - Urban dahlia farm located in the north end of Saint Paul, Minnesota and growing over 100 varieties of premium dahlias using only organic practices.

Kapper's cheese curdsKapper's Big Red Barn - This quaint family dairy in Chatfield, MN will be offering farm-fresh milk in glass bottles, as well as chocolate milk, heavy cream and fresh cheese curds.

Little Hill Berry Farm - Certified-organic blueberries, strawberries and elderberries from Northfield, MN.

GVY Fresh Produce – Locally and naturally grown produce and flowers from Farmington, MN.

Darling Pickle Dips - White bean and cream cheese dips flavored with pickled veggies and spices. A perfect mate for spring snap peas or a fresh baguette!

Farmers Market Vendor Event

Ommie Snacks - Small batch fruit and seed based energy bars that are nutrient dense and simply delicious.

Farmers Market Vendor Event

Superior Switchel - Traditional American switchel health tonic brewed with fresh organic ginger, apple cider vinegar and Minnesota honey, available in reusable Mason jars and growlers.

Farmers Market Vendor Event

You Betcha Kimchi - A tasty Minnesota take on kimchi using all local vegetables.

Calvit's Shrubs - Handmade, natural drink mixers that add flavor and intrigue to soft drinks and cocktails.

Farmers Market Vendor Event

Plus new and local potters, woodworkers, jewelers and textile artists in MCFM’s art market!

In 2016, the Market drew in over 125,000 local food enthusiasts. We hope to see you during the 2017 season! :)


Mill City Farmers Market 2016-2017 Winter Market Recap

Winter Market Review 2016-17


Asparagus Cooking Tips - Just in Time for the Stacks of Spears Coming to the Mill City Farmers Market

May 9, 2015 Mill City Farmers Market

Not too long ago there was an article in the StarTrib Taste section, The best way to cook asparagus. I saved it, because asparagus season is upon us. You'll find a lot of useful information, from what to look for when purchasing it to how to store it and preparation methods. Enjoy! :)


Rick Nelson Article on Cosmic Wheel Creamery

Check out Rick Nelson's Wisconsin's Cosmic Wheel Creamery churns out beautiful small-batch cheeses article from the Spring 2017 Star Tribune Magazine.

Cosmic Wheel Creamery is one of my favorite new Mill City Farmers Market vendors from 2016 (and we enthusiastically welcome them back for the 2017 season!). Rama Hoffpauir is an absolute sweetheart, and every cheese she offers is must to try.


Turn Your MCFM Purchases into Colorful Mason Jar Salads

It's time to put those empty Mason jars that have been accumulating in your pantry to good use. Learn why they make the perfect container for packing a salad in this article from William-Sonoma article, Mason Jar Salads: How Do To Them Right. And then pick up all the fresh ingredients during your next visit to the Mill City Farmers Market. So many options - have some fun with it! :)


Beth Dooley and Mette Nielsen book signing for Savory Sweet: Simple Preserves from a Northern Kitchen May 2 at Birchwood Cafe

There will be a book launch open house for Beth Dooley and Mette Nielsen's Savory Sweet: Simple Preserves from a Northern Kitchen at 7:00pm on Tuesday, May 2, at Birchwood Cafe, 3311 East 25th Street. Samples of recipes from Savory Sweet will be served. Books will be available for purchase. Event free with registration.

“Let’s dispense with the usual old notions of preserving,” Beth Dooley suggests, leading us into Mette Nielsen’s kitchen, where old-world Danish traditions meld with the freshest ideas and latest techniques to fill the pantry with the best of the season, all year long. Because those seasons can prove especially challenging in the northern heartland, Nielsen’s Nordic heritage is handy as she and Dooley show cooks, first-time and experienced canners alike, how to make the most of a short growing season. Their approach combines the brightness and bold flavors of the Nordic cuisines with an emphasis on the local, the practical, and the freshest ingredients to turn each season’s produce into a bounty of condiments.

From corn salsa to carrot lemon marmalade with ginger and cardamom, crispy pickled red onions to garlic scape pesto with lemon thyme, and caramel apple butter with lemongrass to puttanesca sauce to “Fit for a Queen Jam”—these recipes bring the best of the sweet and the savory to every menu. Low tech, simple, and fast, they eschew hot-water-bath methods in favor of chilling and freezing, keeping flavors and colors bold and bright; and they ease up on sugar to make way for the true savory sweetness of nature’s finest food.

Savory Sweet is not your grandmother’s canning cookbook—but it is likely to be your grandchildren’s.


Beth Dooley is author and coauthor of several award-winning cookbooks, including Savoring the Seasons of the Northern Heartland (Minnesota, 2004), The Northern Heartland Kitchen (Minnesota, 2011), Minnesota’s Bounty (Minnesota, 2013), In Winter’s Kitchen, and The Birchwood Cafe Cookbook (Minnesota, 2015). She writes for the Minneapolis–St. Paul Star Tribune and appears regularly on KARE 11 TV and Minnesota Public Radio’s “Appetites.”

Mette Nielsen’s photographs have graced the pages of numerous books, newspapers, and magazines. A talented master gardener, she created the edible garden for the Birchwood Cafe in Minneapolis and collaborated on The Birchwood Cafe Cookbook and Minnesota’s Bounty.

"Beth Dooley and Mette Nielsen break through the mystery of the pickle in these masterfully created recipes on preserving the northern way. They explore produce from the cucumber to the gooseberry in imaginative but approachable and fun ways." —Paul Berglund, 2016 James Beard Foundation Best Chef: Midwest

"Mette Nielsen and Beth Dooley have conjured one of those books you'll stain, stuff with Post-it notes, and save. Anyone can make a tomato taste good, but a parsnip, as in a very good sweet parsnip preserve? Now we're talking imagination. We may yearn for entire weekends of making old-time preserves, yet it's rarely possible. These two make this happen on work nights in time to slather your new condiment over that 'same-old' veggie burger with swell results. This one is a keeper." —Lynne Rossetto Kasper, host, The Splendid Table® from American Public Media

Funding Threatened for EBT Matching at Farmers Markets

EBT Tokens in hand

Via a March 26 e-newsletter from the Mill City Farmers Market:

In 2016 Minnesota was the first state to support EBT matching at farmers markets. Now, that funding is being threatened.

Last year, Minnesota farmers markets reported that customers spent $554,745 in SNAP benefits (formerly food stamps) and Market Bucks (a program that matches SNAP benefits up to $10 each week)--including nearly $10,000 at the Mill City Farmers Market. This is a 153% increase from the year before! That funding is currently being threatened in the proposed state budget. 

We know that Market Bucks are a win-win-win for Minnesota. Customers win by being able to stretch their buying power at farmers markets - making fresh, local food more affordable for low-income residents. Farmers win because Market Bucks bring them new customers that would normally not be able to shop at the farmers market. And communities win because research shows that every dollar of SNAP creates $1.79 in economic activity in the community.

Click here for information on how you can contact your Legislators to let them know Market Bucks are too important to cut!


Juicing Made Easy with Zula Juice

Below is a excerpt from Jenny Heck's latest article in The Journal, Juicing Made Easy with Zula Juice. Jenny is the Marketing & Events Manager for the Mill City Farmers Market.

When you think about a juice cleanse you think about lots of grocery shopping, lots of prep work and lots of dishes, right? Enter Zula Juice, owned by Twin Cities’ couple Renee and Tim Peters. Zula Juice was created four years ago after Renee discovered the refreshing benefits of juicing. She soon had more energy, better looking skin, less dependency on caffeine (which is saying something for a mother of five) and was quickly hooked. She created Zula Juice with her husband as a way for them to make clean food fun and convenient for more people. Zula Juice offers a variety of cold-pressed, nutrient-packed juices including flavors like “Carrot Plunge” (carrot, lime and Fuji apple) and “Green Glow” (kale, mint, pineapple and cucumber). As a commitment to convenience, Zula Juice has free delivery in the metro area for all its juices and juice cleanse kits.

In addition to making the juicing process easy, Renee and Tim also make it high-quality. Zula Juice was the first juice company in the Twin Cities to be certified organic and they use local ingredients whenever possible. Zula Juice is also dedicated to being HPP-free. HPP is high-pressure pasteurization, which uses heat to reduce microbial content (including probiotics) to increase the shelf life of a product. All juices found at yoga studios, grab-and-go cafes, grocery stores and even co-ops are required to be pasteurized. The longer a juice (or any product) sits on a shelf, its antioxidant, enzyme and vitamin levels decrease. Fresh juice should be consumed within 5 days of being pressed.

Lucky for us, Renee and Tim make all their juice within 24 hours of sale at their kitchen in St. Paul. They also wake up early on Saturdays to press juice for the Mill City Farmers Market. You can learn more about the process, discover the benefits of fresh juice and sample all of Zula’s flavors at the upcoming indoor winter markets inside the Mill City Museum (704 S. 2nd St. Minneapolis 55401) on Saturday March 25, April 8 and April 22 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. You can find more information on our calendar.

- - - - - - - - - 

Previous Mill City Cooks articles in The Journal can be viewed here:


Beth Dooley explains why using freshly milled flour from Baker's Field Flour & Bread and Sunrise Flour Mill makes a difference

In Beth Dooley's StarTrib article, The secret to great baking: the flour, she explains why freshly milled flour from Mill City Farmers Market vendors Baker's Field Flour & Bread and Sunrise Flour Mill is superior to mass produced flour on the grocery store shelf.

Bottom line - not all flour is created equal. If you're going to bake, use fresh, quality ingredients like these locally milled flours.


Cynthia Froid Group to Treat Shoppers to Complimentary Chevre at Feb 11 Mill City Farmers Market

Thank You to Mill City Farmers Market sponsor, Cynthia Froid Group, for treating shoppers to fantastic Singing Hills Goat Dairy chevre at the February 11 Market!



Zula Juice - a Scout Guide Minneapolis pick

Congratulations to Mill City Farmers Market vendor Zula Juice for being a Scout Guide Minneapolis pick! 

Grab a bottle or two at the February 11 Market (or treat yourself to a cleanse package - order online and they will deliver to your door).  :) 


3 Bear Oats at the Mill City Farmers Market - A Hearty Meal for Shoppers!

Therese Moore introduced shoppers to her 3 Bear Oats artisan porridge at the January 14 and 28 Mill City Farmers Markets, and will be returning for the February 11 Market (10a-1p inside the Mill City Museum).

These steel cut porridges feature sweet and savory spins on a healthy, comforting classic. Therese has a flavor for every palate:

Little Bear’s Breakfast – Caramelized with honey & cinnamon dusted apples.
La Petite Canadienne – Bacon, cheese with a hint of pure maple syrup.
Orso Toscano – An earthy mushroom mix with savory flavors to mimic risotto.
Shangri-la– A kick of Turmeric-laced Tandoori spices & ginger.
Alpine Trek– Dark chocolate & banana chunks harkening back to mountain trail mix.

January 28, 2017 Mill City Farmers Market

January 28, 2017 Mill City Farmers Market

January 28, 2017 Mill City Farmers Market

Organic ingredients come from local co-ops and producers, including spices, seasonings, maple syrup, mushrooms, honey, fruits and ancient grain granolas.

January 28, 2017 Mill City Farmers Market

January 28, 2017 Mill City Farmers Market

I took home a bowl of the Shangri-la. So good! And since Therese puts it together while you wait, you can request more or less spice, etc., to suit your taste.

January 28, 2017 Mill City Farmers Market

January 28, 2017 Mill City Farmers Market

January 28, 2017 Mill City Farmers Market

January 28, 2017 Mill City Farmers Market

January 28, 2017 Mill City Farmers Market

For my next visit, I'll be getting the Alpine Trek with dark chocolate and banana chunks. Don't want to sit down for a meal while you're at the Market? No problem - Therese can but a lid on your newly created meal, and she also has pre-made bowls ready to go:

January 28, 2017 Mill City Farmers Market

You can reach Therese at 914-645-7383 or Follow 3 Bear Oats on Facebook.

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